Unjected Memberships

We invite you to become part of a movement that is more than just a platform.
Unjected is a thriving community, pulsing with life and genuine connection.
It's a call to those who live deliberately, standing firm in their health-conscious, mRNA-free choices.



  • Full profile with up to 10 photos, bio and interests.


  • Match & message with CONNECT members for dating, community & friendships.
  • (excludes PREMIUM and VERIFIED users)


  • Save 15% with a Yearly membership







  • PREMIUM Badge


  • Full profile with up to 10 photos, bio and interests.


  • Connect and freely message all PREMIUM or CONNECT members for dating, friendships, or community
  • (excludes VERIFIED users)                 


  • Save 15% with a yearly membership






  • UPGRADE for PREMIUM members only. (Renews yearly)




  • Connect and freely message ALL members for dating, friendships & community.


  • Only other VERIFIED users can message you (you can message anyone).


  • Ladies first verification fee waived. Use 'LADIESVERIFY'


Verified Profiles: Trust & Safety First

In the realm of Unjected, the sanctity of the community is upheld through trust and safety. With Verified profiles at the heart of this philosophy, verified profiles ensure that members engage with real, authentic, unvaccinated individuals, fostering a sense of ease and security. It's about building a foundation where transparency is not only valued, but celebrated.
To accenuate this commitment, our 'Verified Unjected' members must match a photo ID, complete a health questionaire & attest to their unvaccinated status by affadavit.