Our Mission.

Connecting Unvaccinated

since 2021

In early 2021, we watched our colleagues, friends and families line up for an experimental "vaccine" that would change the world as we knew it.

Mandates, slander, and censorship aimed at the unvaccinated population, simply for sharing viewpoints and knowledge, left us feeling ostracized and alone in our convictions.

With long-term health consequences after exposure to our vaccinated counterparts unknown, we knew it was our duty to bring forth a safe place for the unvaccinated to find each other. We soon realized it wasn't just about the need for romantic companionship, there needed to be a platform that brought together the entire community of free-thinkers who were not buying into the agenda. Unjected has now become a rallying point for unvaccinated people from around the world to unite.

We've been on quite a journey! After taking a stand against 'Big Tech', a censorship war and smear campaign was waged against us, and we were forcibly removed from the app stores.

Unjected has proudly found its place, where we continue to grow and thrive as the world's first and largest unvaccinated platform.

As a massive depopulation agenda has been declared against the entire human race, Unjected has been helping people all over the world find love and belonging, and has been spearheading the REpopulation agenda, one connection at a time.

Welcome to our Unjected family and community.



When you are Unjected, you know that the people you meet are aligned with your convictions, morals and believe in medical freedom.

You can skip all the small talk and know that they are resilient, intelligent, discerning and awake (not woke).

Meet the Founder

Shelby Hosana

Maui, Hawaii

My health and wellness journey started over a decade ago when I was injured by the experimental Gardasil HPV vaccine. I went from a healthy and thriving teenager to being nearly debilitated by a myriad of heart conditions for several years.

It was my first experience learning how important personal health is.

The single most important.

Once I became a parent in 2017, I began diving deep into the pharmaceutical industry. Being kicked out of our then-pediatrician's office and called a “murderer” after choosing to refuse dangerous childhood vaccinations for all my children; after learning the lack of double blind placebo control studies for every injection on the market. .

Fast forward to recent years, I put on my armor I had built up and stepped out of the darkness of 2021 to build Unjected from the ground up.

After being ostracized in my own home for my beliefs, and bearing witness to the pivotal shift in society, it was the time to fearlessly lead a moment of freedom-loving individuals towards empowerment, community, and love with like minded men & women across the world.

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